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How Embarrassing! Watch What Happened To KSHMR During His Latest Set

We’re no DJs ourselves, but we’re guessing the majority of the fun that comes from playing for a crowd happens because the audience can actually HEAR the music and rock out to it.

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Can anyone else hear this? No?

Thanks to a power outage during KSHMR‘s set in Canada this past week, we now know what happens when the DJ is the only one rocking!

Though KSHMR could still hear the tunes he was jamming in his own headphones, the rest of the venue couldn’t hear a thing. Unfortunately for the producer, he didn’t realize no one else was dancing anymore and just kept doing his thing.

In a video taken by a concert attendee, you can clearly see KSHMR grooving away, while members of the crowd laugh, smile, and start chanting, “Let’s go, Raptors!”

The person taking the video added some fitting commentary: “That moment when the power goes out and the DJ doesn’t know, he’s just smashing it up there. This is so embarrassing.”

Check out the video here:


By watching the video, one thing is definitely clear–KSHMR was caught up in the music and having a blast, regardless of what the audience was doing.

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