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HARD Fest Founder Apologizes for Wildly Offensive Trailer

Oops! File this one under “Attempts at Inclusivity that Are Wildly Unfunny.” HARD Fest has been getting loads of backlash lately, and their latest attempt at winning over the public was a massive flop.

Forget about the fact that HARD SUMMER is dealing with lawsuits left and right from people suing over deaths that happened at the festival. This time, we’re looking at HARD Fest’s attempts at being more diverse. Last year, there were only four female DJs on a roster of 26 performers. To try to pump up awareness for the rampant sexism in the EDM industry, HARD Fest made a video.

HARD Fest EDMInStereo.com Trailer


A very, very stupid video.

The video in question depicts men¬†getting breasts in order to perform, as well as plenty of horrible statements about men who advocate for including more women (“I’m Gary, I hate men.”).

Sigh. If you can bear to watch it, check it out here:


In response to the backlash, HARD Fest founder and owner Gary Richards released a public apology statement.

Read more for the apology:

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