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Halsey’s Album Leaked Early at Urban Outfitters – Or Wasn’t It?

Oops! The angry mob took over and Urban Outfitters barely stood a chance. Unfortunately, the mob was wrong…ish–they thought the clothing store leaked Halsey‘s new album early, but it was all a big mistake.

Halsey’s new album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is due out today. It’s meant to be an exclusive release under Urban Outfitters. However, a fan found a vinyl copy inside an Urban Outfitters store too early. Considering that Urban had previously leaked a Halsey album before schedule, people jumped to conclusions.

The person who found the record (who goes by @dualipe on Twitter) tweeted out a pic:

Halsey’s label followed up to check what was going on, but at that point the singer’s fans were already angry.

Now Billboard is reporting that Urban did NOT sell copies early.

On the other hand, Fuse is saying they did, but that it was just that one store. “We communicated with the store team and immediately pulled the albums and confirmed this was isolated to that store only,” the company said.

In our minds, if it happened at one store, it still happened. Halsey might want to rethink her next launch strategy.

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