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Hailee Steinfeld Launches Laid-Back Zedd Collaboration ‘Starving’

It seems like more and more actors are expressing their love for EDM by getting involved in making it themselves. Thankfully, most of the time these endeavors turn out to be pretty good. Hailee Steinfeld is the latest actress to cross over into EDM by collaborating with Zedd on a new song called “Starving.”

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Zedd has previously worked with Steinfeld’s friend Selena Gomez.

Steinfeld, who first rose to fame for her breakout role in True Grit in 2010. She first revealed her great singing pipes in Pitch Perfect 2 and has since signed with Republic Records. Her debut EP Haiz launched in November of last year.

“Starving” is Steinfeld’s first collaboration with Zedd, and many are suspecting it will be the lead single on her first album. The song is mellow and low-key, but has an unmistakable Zedd touch on the choruses.

The actress teased a bit of the song on Twitter earlier this week:

Zedd also shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at “Starving,” in which Hailee Steinfeld was all smiles.

Does all this focus on music mean Steinfeld is taking a break from acting?

Read more to check out what Hailee Steinfeld is working on and listen to “Starving”:
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