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Getter Sounds Off on Twitter: ‘Ima Sue @CymaticsFM’

If you’ve listened to electronic music, there’s a chance you known that many artists use packaged samples and effects in their songs. So where do these samples come from?

Getter EDMInStereo.com

Getter knows the samples aren’t supposed to be stolen from artists.

Companies like Cymatics package and sell different sound effects to artists for use in their songs. Usually, the producer ends up modifying the tunes in some way. It’s a standard practice that most people accept.

However, Cymatics may have just gotten in big trouble by overstepping what they are allowed to sell. In their latest project file, they’ve pretty much copied Getter‘s work and put it out into the world for free.

Naturally, Getter isn’t just going to let them give away his work. He’s spoken up on Twitter about his outrage as well as his intentions to sue Cymatics.

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