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Getter Offends Every DJ on Twitter & He Isn’t Sorry

Does anybody know how to put a filter on what they say on Twitter? Most likely not. Getter is the latest DJ to speak his mind on social media, and so far it hasn’t been pretty.

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“Please don’t hate me, fans.”

Earlier this week, the DJ tweeted, “yo f*ck local openers. yall play all our tracks and redline the f*ck outta our mixer.” This prompted a lot of controversy as opener DJs and established DJs alike took offense. Midnight T and Megalodon both stepped in, with Midnight T calling Getter “childish” and saying he was “further pollut[ing]” the scene.

He clarified his statement with a long post, but it didn’t really seem to make anything better:

Getter Twitter EDMInStereo.com

Now that everyone has had their chance to speak up on their thoughts about the whole debacle, Getter has caved and issued a series of apology tweets. However, they don’t seem a whole heck of a lot apologetic.

We can kind of get where he’s coming from. Of course when you put a lot of hard work into something, you want it to be perfect. But don’t you think he did the same kind of thing to headliners when he was an opener? Aren’t the openers trying to do the best jobs they possibly can as well?

Maybe this time he should have kept his frustration to himself, whether it’s valid or not.

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