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Fans Have Spoken: The Chainsmokers Have an Album Coming!

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This duo is bringing some big, big news.

The Chainsmokers have been kind of hit and miss lately, but we’re still curious to hear what they come up with for an album. Yes, it’s finally official–an album is in the works.

The duo, made up of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, always said whether or not they made an album was up to the fans. Well, the fans have clearly spoken.

Following that post just a few days later, the Chainsmokers made it official. There’s not only going to be a new album, but also a new tour. Take a look at their announcement:

What’s really cool is that they are tying the tour to the album release in an interesting way. Tours often go hand in hand with album releases, but few artists give their album out for free to anyone who buys a ticket. Go see the Chainsmokers on any one of their tour dates, and BAM! Free album!

As for the album itself, it’s already got a name. It’s going to be called Memories: Do Not Open. Very mysterious, right? It kind of makes you wonder what skeletons Taggart and Pall have in their closet–and what they’re willing to share with the fans. God knows they don’t have much of a filter, so here’s hoping the album gives some good dirt.

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