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Family Sues After Daughter Katie Dix Dies of Overdose at Hard Summer Music Festival

The dark side of EDM has reared it’s ugly head, and though it’s a tiny part of the culture we know and love, it’s a scary and dangerous part. 19-year-old Katie Dix was killed at Hard Summer Music Festival at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds last year, and now her parents are suing.

Dix had been attending Hard Fest on August 1 of last year, when she ingested what she thought was pure Ecstasy. However, it ended up being mixed with bath salts, which prompted the symptoms of drug overdose.

She was rushed to one of the four medical stations and was found unresponsive. Then, she was removed to the Pomona Valley Medical Center. She passed away shortly after.

Dix was about to be entering her second year at UCLA. Another UCLA student was also killed at Hard Fest just prior to Dix’s death. 18-year-old Tracy Nguyen overdosed on Ecstasy as well. 50 other people attending had drug-induced seizures and comas.

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Tracy Nguyen (left) and Katie Dix (right) were both killed at Hard Summer Music Festival last year.

Dix’s parents have brought suit against Live Nation, who put on the festival, in addition to Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Fair Association, the security agency Staff Pro Inc. and the city of Pomona. According to the suit, Hard Fest should have had better measures in place for situations like this.

Dix’s family says Ecstasy is “commonly ingested at raves,” and therefore the defendants should have known something like this was possible. Furthermore, they allege that the defendants “turned a blind eye to the known risks in order to capitalize on teenagers and young adults who believed they were attending a safe party environment.”

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Furthermore, the medical treatment available was not adequate. “Had medical treatment at Hard Fest been timely and proper, Katie Dix would have been saved,” the complaint reads. There were over 65,000 attending Hard Fest with only four medical stations.

Katie Dix’s death is certainly a tragedy, but it will be interesting to see who has responsibility in situations like this.

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