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Electric Daisy Carnival’s Main Stage Costs HOW MUCH?

Everybody knows Electric Daisy Carnival is practically the Mecca of all EDM. The stages, the lights, the artists and everything about it make it an experience of a lifetime. But to make this dreamlike world a reality year after year, there’s a hefty price tag.

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Kinetic Field is the largest of the Electric Daisy Carnival stages.

Kinetic Field, EDC’s main stage area, holds up to 70,000 people. It took an entire month to construct, and is 440 feet wide. The total weight of the structure is 700 tons–in other words, 1.4 million pounds. It’s the biggest of the eight stages at Electric Daisy Carnival.

The highlight of Kinetic Field is a 90-foot tall tree covered in lights. A whopping total of 1,400 lighting fixtures coat the stage, in addition to 33 flame torches and fountains.

So what does an architectural feat like this cost? The price tag on Kinetic Field rang in at $3 million.

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At least attendees pay in money, not hand hearts.

CEO of Insomniac Events Pasquale Rotella spoke about the logistics of making such an impressive stage.

“What it takes us to build a stage today is very different than what it took us five years ago. Although we don’t live and die off spreadsheets, we do need them to make sense, and we are willing to make the investment to figure out how to get there,” Rotella said.

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Jake Berry, a production consultant for Insomniac, stated that despite the extravagant expenses, they still aren’t at the top of the list for expenditures. “I wouldn’t say we’re the most expensive festival in the world, but I would say we’re the most advanced production festival in the world.”

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