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EDM Radio Show: Morgan Page’s In the Air Rocks Electro-House

EDM Radio Show: In the Air

artworks-000087117092-3jhsf2-t500x500How is it that artists like Morgan Page can be so busy and still release EDM radio shows every single week? It must be true what they say: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Morgan Page has been keeping up his EDM radio show In the Air for years now, and it continues to wow week after week.

Morgan Page’s In the Air is one of those EDM radio shows that sneaks up on you. You listen to one episode, and then suddenly you realize you’ve spent days streaming it. With a mix of all the greatest progressive and electro-house music, this EDM radio show is perfect for pretty much every occasion.

On iTunes, there are 100 episodes in all of In the Air, dating way back to October 2015. New episodes have been consistently released every Tuesday since then. You can also listen to his previous episodes and remixes on SoundCloud.

Who Is Morgan Page?

It’s seems like a rarity today given the pervasiveness of European DJs, but Morgan Page was born in the U.S. of A. His interest in electronic music was apparent from the start. He started interning at a German record label called Plastic City while he was still in school. He continued to delve into the DJ world, working for the University of Vermont’s radio station while he was in school there.

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It almost seems inevitable that Morgan Page’s music started gaining steam. He started really gaining steam around 2010, when his second studio album and a bunch of killer remixes. He wound up getting two Grammy nominations for tracks he worked on as well as a personal nomination for best remix with Nadia Ali for the song “The Longest Road.”


You can catch Morgan Page on tour throughout September and October. Get the full list of dates here. You can also follow Morgan Page on Twitter for more updates.

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