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EDM Radio Show: Henry Fong’s Banzai Radio Nails the Surf Vibe

When it comes to EDM radio shows, we can get a little overexcited and try to listen to everything in a day. But Henry Fong’s Banzai Radio is one of those rare shows that makes you take a step back. It’s an EDM radio show that somehow encourages a little pacing and contemplation.

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Beachy to the max.

Banzai Radio is a Podcast that comes out about once every month. This EDM radio show only has 14 episodes so far. But on the bright side, that helps stop fans from being tempted to blow through it all. You’ve got to pace yourself, or it will be over in a flash.

Plus, Henry Fong is obviously putting a lot of thought into Banzai Radio. It suits his contemplative nature. In fact, the description on iTunes nails down his vibe quite well: “When he isn’t behind the turntables or working in his studio, Henry is likely surfing the beaches of Southern California, an influence that can be heard in his unique musical taste.”

If that doesn’t sound like the perfect vibe for a chilled out EDM radio station, we don’t know what does.

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Who Is Henry Fong?

If you’re not familiar with Henry Fong, here’s everything you need to know. Well, actually, we recommend just listening to Banzai Radio and learning for yourself, but sometimes context is helpful.

Fong originally grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. While he was in college, he started nailing down some residencies at local clubs in Orlando. From there, he brought his sound to the West Coast, where he’s released tracks on labels like OWSLA, Mad Decent and Dim Mak. His sound fuses reggae and laid back beats with higher energy bursts.


Get Henry Fong’s Banzai Radio on iTunes and SoundCloud today. You can also follow Henry Fong on Twitter.

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