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EDM Radio Show: ‘Hardwell On Air’ Hits Hard

EDM Radio Show: Hardwell On Air

How is it that Hardwell is only 29 years old but has an EDM radio show with over 300 episodes? This is one DJ that doesn’t take things slow. And his EDM radio show Hardwell On Air reflects that. Hardwell On Air is a curated banger of an EDM radio show that will have you grooving in no time flat.

Hardwell On Air EDM Radio Show EDMInStereo.com

Yes, please.

We’ll give you the rundown on Hardwell in a minute, but here’s what you need to know about Hardwell On Air. It’s been going weekly since 2011, which means there’s a LOT of content. Each episode is one hour long and features a curated playlist of songs by different artists.

Where Can I Listen to Hardwell On Air?

Though Hardwell On Air is a podcast, it’s been picked up by a couple radio stations, including Slam! and Sirius XM. However, the easiest way to listen to Hardwell On Air is still by going to Hardwell’s website. There, you can play the tracks right in the browser.

You can also go directly to iTunes and subscribe there to make sure you never miss an episode.

Hardwell On Air EDM Radio Show EDMInStereo.com

Lookin’ good, Hardwell.

Who Is Hardwell?

We doubt you’re reading this right now if you don’t know who Hardwell is. But sometimes our favorite DJs and their EDM radio shows become so engrained in our lives that we don’t think about where they came from. If that’s the case, here’s what you need to know.

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Hardwell is a Dutch electro-house DJ whose real name is Robbert van de Corput. He’s been making waves since 2009, when his bootleg version of “Show Me Love vs. Be” began making rounds. After that, he founded his own label and instantly became one of the most recognized names in electronic music.

Earlier this year he released a brand new EP called Hardwell & Friends Volume 1. Later this year, Volume 2 will hit the airwaves. You can listen to Volume 1 here:

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