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EDM Radio Show: Get Jacked with Afrojack’s ‘Jacked Radio’

EDM Radio Show: Jacked Radio

The more digging we do into EDM radio shows, the more we realize how far back in time these shows extend. We’re currently cranking Afrojack’s Jacked Radio. Surprisingly, it’s yet another EDM radio show with over 300 episodes to power through.

Afrojack Jacked Radio EDM Radio EDMInStereo.com

Get jacked!

Thankfully, this is homework we’re happy to take on. More Afrojack? More music? There’s no reason not to love Jacked Radio.

Afrojack has been releasing episodes of his EDM radio show once every week for years now. His most recent release is episode 304. The newest episode of Jacked Radio is loaded up with hits from Afrojack himself as well as Jonas Blue, Dario Nunez, Icarus, San Holo and more. It’s about 16 tracks long, which makes it perfect for that morning commute or as a pick up for a work out.

Afrojack Jacked EDM Radio EDMInStereo.com

Afrojack in action.

But enough chit-chat: let’s get to the good stuff. Where can you listen to Afrojack’s EDM radio show? It’s released as a podcast, which means you can get Jacked Radio on iTunes and SoundCloud and even stream it on Afrojack’s website. In other words, there’s no excuse not to tune in–it’s far to easy to find.

Who Is Afrojack?

Afrojack is one of those producers whose name shows up on nearly every single festival lineup. His music is extremely pervasive now, but that wasn’t always the case. Born in the Netherlands, his real name is Nick van de Wall. DJing was immediately a passion of his, and he started performing at clubs at the age of 14.

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His first single as Afrojack came in 2007, when he released “In Your Face.” After that, he started charting with songs like “Take Over Control.” By 2011, he was hitting the top 10 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs–not too shabby.


Since then, Afrojack has worked with all sorts of artists. Some of his best collaborations include works with David Guetta, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha.

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