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EDM Radio Show: ‘Diplo and Friends’ Gets Rowdy Twice a Week

EDM Radio Show: Diplo and Friends

When it comes to EDM royalty, there are a lot of heavy hitters. You’ve got the intense moneymakers like Calvin Harris and Tiesto. But Diplo is the one who finds a way to balance money, creativity and success all at the same time. Which is why we are always rocking his EDM radio show Diplo and¬†Friends!

Diplo and Friends EDM Radio Show EDMInStereo.com

Hard at work or hardly working?

It would be an honor to be counted among Diplo’s pals, so it’s no wonder he has such a great amount of guests on the show.

Where Can I Listen to Diplo and Friends?

Diplo and Friends is one of the few EDM radio shows to actually air on the radio and not just head straight to podcasts. Of course, it’s available for streaming online as well, but it makes its debut on BBC Radio 1 each week. If you want to tune in via BBC Radio 1’s website, though, you’ve got to be quick. They only have the most recent episodes available for streaming.

There isn’t much to be found on SoundCloud, but you can occasionally hunt down a cool remix direct from the guest artists.

On the bright side, the most recent episodes of Diplo’s EDM radio show are pretty darn amazing. The past five episodes have had the likes of Dr. Fresch, DJ Soda, graves, Prince Fox, Lunice, Matroda and Teenwolf. These may not be names you’re super familiar with. But that just means the discovery aspect of Diplo and Friends is through the roof. Plus, we can trust Diplo to have good taste.

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Episodes air at 4:00 every Saturday and Sunday, so you have double the chance to tune in over the weekend.

Diplo and Friends EDM Radio Show EDMInStereo.com

Get ready to up the intensity with EDM radio show Diplo and Friends.

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