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EDM Industry Climbs to $7.4 BILLION Valuation

Pfft. EDM bubble? What EDM bubble? Chatter keeps growing that one of these days, the surge of popularity towards the electronic music industry will come to a crashing halt. But money speaks louder than words. This year, the EDM industry has reportedly grown to be worth $7.4 BILLION.

Sure, the growth has slowed a bit. Compared to the previous year, the growth rate slowed down by 0.5%. Interestingly, however, there’s still a huge trend in streaming subscriptions increasing–and many of those subscriptions are driven by dance music.

Martin Garrix EDM Industry EDMInStereo.com

Martin Garrix is cranking up the music and the followers.

Festivals also share in the glory. Millennials especially are loving them–40% are likely to attend live DJ events. Social media is helping DJs gain fame, too. Martin Garrix’s Instagram numbers went up by 17%, while the Chainsmokers managed to get 45% more followers between just March and May.

Basically, the landscape of EDM may be changing, but it’s popularity still continues to increase. And that means a big old chunk of money for the EDM industry.

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