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EDC New York Canceled? The State of EDM is Getting Worse & Worse

What the heck is going on with this week? Is it just us, or has it been an exceptionally sad week for EDM? First TomorrowWorld was basically confirmed to not be happening, then there was that awful warehouse fire, and now we have even more bad news. EDC New York will not be taking place in 2017.

EDC New York Electric Daisy Carnival EDMInStereo.com

Noooo! Please don’t leave us!

Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insomniac, revealed the bad news in a post on Facebook this past Sunday. Though he had some tidbits of good news as well (The Chainsmokers are playing at the LA Convention Center and EDC India was a success), the news about New York still came as a blow.

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“Although EDC New York 2016 was one of my favorites hosted in the Big Apple, we’ve decided to take a break in 2017,” Rotella wrote. “We hope many of you East Coast Headliners will join us in Vegas. We’ll have an Art Car sound system paying homage to New York DJs past and present.”

EDC New York Electric Daisy Carnival EDMInStereo.com

Sad face.

Unfortunately, New York and East Coast natives aren’t taking kindly to the suggestion that they travel to Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival. One of the top comments on the post from user Redux Escobar says, “You hope us east coaster especially NYers make it to edclv since a break is being taken from edcny?? Can you financially help us with that because edcny=$200 edclv= $1000+.” So far, over a hundred and twenty-five people have “liked” the comment.

Another user named Alex Saleh wrote, “Way to sh-t on NYC! Besides the fact NYC always gets the worst Edition of EDC with TRASH Lineup, you go ahead and cancel it next year! Way to go Mr. Rotella, I swear all you focus on is Cali.”

Yikes. In a string of cancelations and date adjustments, it’s no wonder fans are getting pretty angry at the news. Hopefully 2017 will give everyone the time they need to revamp things and get the ball rolling again.

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