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Download: Crankdat Remixes Skrillex’s ‘Weekends’ With a Bang

The year 2010 seems like forever ago at this point, but with a modern twist, Crankdat managed to bring one of Skrillex‘s older hits into the future.

Skrillex’s “Weekends” featuring Sirah is already six years old, but it’s absolutely one of the producer’s classics. It’s always tough to remix a classic–how do you do it justice?–but Crankdat’s version somehow manages to keep a hold of the original tone while adding his own spin.

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Crankdat is creeping upwards in the music industry.

Apparently, the remix has been years in the making, so at this point, it better be good! We kid, but on a serious note, Crankdat did put his time in to make this song special.

“I originally made this remix at the very end of 2015 but decided to hold off on releasing it until the project had grown,” Crankdat said. “I finished the second drop a few weeks ago and decided it was time to share with you guys. Had it not been for discovering Skrillex, I would not be doing what I am doing today. Here is a tribute to him. Happy Crankday!”

For those who aren’t familiar with Crankdat, here’s what you need to know. He’s a super young (19!) Ohio based producer who is starting to get the attention of some major heavyweights in the music industry thanks to his remixing skills. There’s actually not a lot of information out there on him, but he had previously gained attention for another remix of a Skrillex song, “Killa.”

Take a listen to his remix of “Weekends” here:

Flipping through the Twitter comments on the new song, we’ve got to say, we’re totally feeling this one:

We couldn’t agree more.

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