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‘DJ World’ By Dillon Francis Ep. 5 & 6: Meet Jake (Zacharie?) & Danny Dawson

As the DJ World competition by Dillon Francis draws to a close, we’re meeting our final two contestants. First up, there’s Jake–who also apparently goes by the name Zacharie (with an “IE” as he specifies). Getter nails the role, just as he did as Ronnie Ferrari a few episodes back.

He wears a pink wig and has gems of wisdom like, “My favorite things to do are…drugs, and lots of them,” and, “It’s a DJ show, bro, everyone’s on drugs all the time. Have you seen the DJ movie with Zac Efron?”

Check out the episode here:


Next up, there’s Danny Dawson, played by none other than Dillon Francis himself. While Jake/Zacharie was all about the drugs, Danny prefers another kind of self-love. “Kind of sick of getting so much puss, actually,” Danny drawls. “I like Afrojack, not because of his music but because his name ends with jack and I love to jack off.”

Watch episode six below:


Since we’ve now met all the competitors, next week’s episode is probably going to get heated as they face off to win the grand prize.

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