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‘DJ World’ By Dillon Francis Ep. 2: Get To Know Ronnie Ferrari

Dillon Francis‘ new reality spoof DJ World is off to a great start. In the newest episode, we get to meet one of the “DJs” competing for a $5,000 cash prize and a one way ticket to Las Vegas.

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Is that you, Getter?

Ronnie Ferrari (played by DJ Getter) is quite the character, as are all the pseudo-DJs hanging in the DJ World house. He’s a fan of the fact that there are only three bedrooms available for the six male competitors (wink, wink), he’s been going to shows since he was five years old, and he’s made a point to forget his parents.

Not to mention his interesting past as an athlete: “I’m a retired tennis player. Miniature tennis. Some call it ping pong. Not into that word.”

Check out episode two here:

Though he’s the first competitor we’ve gotten an in-depth look at, Ronnie Ferrari seems like he’ll be able to survive a few rounds in the DJ World house. Shout out to Dillon Francis for pulling off that nice wig hairstyle as well.

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