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DJ Snake Passing Up Major Lazer? New Justin Bieber Collaboration Could Win the Charts

Despite Justin Bieber‘s naked escapades last week, he’s making some big professional strides as well. His newest EDM collaboration with DJ Snake, “Let Me Love You,” is threatening the chart records.

For those who (luckily) stayed out of the mess that was Justin Bieber’s skinny dipping fiasco, here’s what you need to know. The Biebs was photographed totally naked skinny dipping in Hawaii. That’s not so bad, but the weird part was his dad, Jeremy Bieber, kept posting super weird social media posts about it, like a photo of an oddly phallic tower.

Now that we’re all caught up, here’s the good news: DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s newest song, which was released on Snake’s debut album, is closing in on the number one spot on the charts. Right now, it’s lingering just under Major Lazer‘s “Cold Water.”

Oddly enough, Bieber is also featured on “Cold Water” in addition to DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You.” So, it’s a win-win for Justin Bieber either way.


This isn’t the first time the young pop star has held multiple spots on the charts. In fact, just this year he became the first musician ever to lay claim to all three of the top positions at once.

Another interesting tidbit is that DJ Snake and Major Lazer are also previous collaborators. Their hit single “Lean On” peaked at number four on the charts in the U.S., but it quickly became the most streamed song of all time on Spotify. In total, it earned 800 million streams. Likewise, the music video ended up having a total of 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

Major Lazer Lean On DJ Snake EDMInStereo.com

“Lean On” has one of the highest viewed videos around.

Clearly, DJ Snake and Major Lazer were both pulling their weight with “Lean On” since they are both doing so well individually. It will be interesting to see if Snake manages to overtake Major Lazer on the charts for next week.

With the Biebs on his side, a number one hit could easily be within reach.

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