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DJ Snake & Diplo Shred David Guetta Over ‘Lean On’ Ripoff

DJ Snake sure knows how to dish out a burn, and his latest victim is David Guetta.

Guetta just released a new track titled “This One’s For You” as the official anthem for EURO 2016, the international men’s soccer championship. However, according to DJ Snake, Guetta’s song is a blatant ripoff.

DJ Snake Diplo David Guetta EDMInStereo.com

DJ Snake and Major Lazer’s “Lean On” was supposedly ripped off by David Guetta.

Snake posted a string of tweets, which have now been deleted, calling the song “horrible,” and a fake version of his track “Lean On.”

The greatest insult of all, however, was simply a picture that speaks volumes about how Snake feels about Guetta.

DJ Snake Diplo David Guetta EDMInStereo.com

Tell us how you really feel, DJ Snake.

Diplo, who collaborated with Snake on “Lean On,” joined in on the Guetta-bashing, saying “U right @djsnake I hope the kids realize we always try to innovate and it’s easy for @davidguetta to do whatever Ina quest 4 relevancy,” followed by a couple of thumbs down signs.

He also added, “you not above us @davidguetta..U can’t rip us off and go unnoticed..It’s a small community here..”

But Diplo didn’t stop there. He and Snake exchanged some “bruh” memes back and forth before Diplo got serious again.

So is the new song a ripoff? Guetta hasn’t commented, but sometimes music speaks for itself.

Read more to listen to David Guetta’s new track and decide for yourself if it’s a ripoff:
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