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DJ Khaled’s Side of the EDC Fiasco

We’re not really sure what to believe when it comes to DJ Khaled‘s disastrous set at Electric Daisy Carnival. The videos show it was undeniably bad. But on the other hand, Khaled is still arguing that technical issues are to blame–not him.

He just did an interview with L.A.’s Power 106 where he attempted to set the record straight.

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Believe me!

“I actually sat backstage for an hour, just sitting there in a chair like this, and you can see on my Snapchat I was there way early, excited to perform,” he said. “When I got backstage to the part where it’s time to perform, they didn’t have my turntables. How am I supposed to DJ without my turntables?”

He also stated that he hadn’t been allowed a sound check, so when they finally got the turntables hooked up, they weren’t working. “They couldn’t hook up the turntables for some reason, so they were having sound problems,” he stated. “That’s life. It happens. I’m being patient. Time gone by.”


By the time he got to perform, he only had about 15 minutes left for his set. “Another artist would have been like, ‘Yo, I’m not performing,’ because it’s not right. And to be honest with you, I shoulda did that and put a message out to the fans saying it’s out of my control,” he said. “But instead, I heard the fans changing my name, showing me love. I was like, cool, I’mma go out.”

And we all know what happened from there. Do you believe his side of the story, or was it just a bad set?

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