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DJ Hanzel – AKA Dillon Francis – Gets Hilarious Interview Show ‘One Deeper Talks’

Never one to play it safe, Dillon Francis is pushing the envelope yet again. This time, he’s not making more goofy music videos. Nor is he taking on a new YouTube series. He’s going even bigger.

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DJ Hanzel made quite an impact.

Dillon Francis has a brand new TV show on the books. That’s right–it’s not “just” a YouTube show. He’ll now be hitting the internet airwaves via TBS. There is one familiar element, though. He’s bringing back his German alter-ego DJ Hanzel for the new program.

DJ Hanzel initially began as a joke on Instagram, but he grew into a lot more. He even ended up playing a headlining show at Exchange LA.

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Naturally, Dillon Francis isn’t going to reveal big news in a small way. To talk about his new program, he began by posting a video to his Facebook account. Here’s what he posted:


The video opens with a sneaky message from DJ Hanzel encouraging people to go to OneDeeper.com. If you go check out the website, you’ll find a bunch of brand new episodes for the show One Deeper Talks. There are already seven hilarious episodes up for our viewing pleasure. In each episode, Dillon Francis interviews a different EDM star under the guise of DJ Hanzel.

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