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‘Divergent’ Actor Ansel Elgort Makes Road To Ultra Lineup

Ansolo is proving to be able to hold his own against these EDM heavyweights as well. He signed a deal with Island Records after releasing some remixes on Soundcloud.

“I went to a few different labels and was playing everyone my music, and Island was really interested in stuff I didn’t think labels would be interested in,” Elgort said. “The ones that were more radio-friendly, they were like, ‘No, we’ve heard this before. We want the different ones.'”

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Elgort also appeared alongside Shailene Woodley in ‘Divergent.’

Fans of¬†Elgort’s heartwrenching acting skills don’t have to worry about him disappearing from the big screen anytime soon. The young artist has been balancing the two talents for years.

“My life sort of came together. I was in school for acting. Obviously, I’ve had such amazing success, and I’ve been so lucky to do so well in that,” Elgort said. “But I was always making music. It’s something I’ve loved doing since I was twelve.”


Has his fame helped Elgort get a leg up in the music world? The man behind DJ Ansolo doesn’t think so. “Our goal is really to make sure we weren’t abusing me as an actor to get slots. The last thing I want to be is a joke or to not be credible,” Elgort said.

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