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Diplo’s Favorite Albums from High School Are Not What You’d Expect

Every great artist is inspired by something. Whether it’s nature, people or the works of other artists, it can all feed the imagination. Diplo got personal this weekend when he shared some of the music that inspired him most.

Diplo Inspiration Albums EDMInStereo.com

Diplo had a blast from the past.

Not only did Diplo share music, he went all the way back to those formative high school years. Sure, the things we are into in high school can be a little embarrassing. But at the same time, they also end up being some of the works that shape our tastes forever.

Diplo’s Facebook post came in the wee hours of the morning, and simply started, “As far as high school..” Clearly, he was in a contemplative mood. From there, he listed off his favorite albums as well as a few snippets about why he liked them.

Here are Diplo’s favorite albums from back in high school:

1. Weezer – Blue Album

Diplo Inspiration Albums EDMInStereo.com

“I didnt know I was into rock music but every song on this album I listened to over and over. Then guitar lines and Rivera voice were so on point to me.”

2. Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride

“I had an obsession with west coast hip hop. And skateboarding ..everything from Tupac to souls of mischief . It was he production on the album that’s had me mesmerized .. how did u get so many loops in one song .. I even listened to the skits”

3. DJ Shadow – Entroducing

“I wanted to be a producer once I heard this album and realized u can do anything with just some old records.”

4. Radiohead – Kid A

Diplo Inspiration Albums EDMInStereo.com

“They rewrote the rule book of what a band could sound like .. I would just get stoned and listen to this and always find new things.”

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5. Bone Thugs – E. 1999 Eternal

“Was gonna put 36 mystic styles but I think I listened to this more.”

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