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Diplo Wipes New Song ‘Bankroll’ off the Web after Twitter Thrashing

Oops! Even the best producers make some flubs now and then. Diplo released a new song called “Bankroll” recently. Unfortunately, the song didn’t last very long on the web.

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Hasta la vista, ‘Bankroll.’

“Bankroll” featured several other artists on it, including Young Thug and Justin Bieber. It’s not the first time Diplo has worked with the Biebs, but this time fans weren’t having it.

Here are some of the tweets:

If you’re wondering if Diplo even saw these–yes, yes he did. In fact, he retweeted them to his page. Right after that, he deleted his previous mentions of “Bankroll” and even took the song off Soundcloud.

Apparently Diplo hasn’t said anything official about why he took the track down. Billboard even reached out for a comment with no luck so far. Unluckily for Diplo, once things are on the internet, they never vanish. “Bankroll” is probably floating around out there somewhere, just waiting for the opportune moment to make its resurgence.

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Right now it’s not even up on YouTube anywhere (aside from reaction videos), so Diplo did a good job scrubbing its presence. We’re wondering how Bieber feels about having his rap debut deleted from history.

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