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Diplo Uses the Powers of Sarcasm to Make Everyone Think He’s Crazy

There REALLY needs to be a sarcasm font. In a recent interview, Diplo got deep about coping with the pressures of fame, but it turns out he was just pulling the interviewers leg.

DIplo Crazy Sarcasm EDMInStereo.com

Me? Crazy? Never.

The funny part is, the interviewer was totally clueless and published his statements as fact. So maybe instead of a sarcasm font this particular interviewer needs a sarcasm radar to help him decipher when guests are joking around.

When asked what they do to deal with fame, the members of Major Lazer had a little fun with their response.

“We just have counseling,” Diplo said. Jillionaire added, “Yeah, we have group therapy once a month, Skype sessions.”

But the jokers didn’t end there. “We also do hypnotism. We have retreats, go to sweat lodges and that,” Diplo said. “Whatever works.”

DIplo Crazy Sarcasm Major Lazer EDMInStereo.com

Did we walk in on a group therapy session?

The article, which was originally published by the Daily Star, started making the rounds online. Dozens of various news sources included Diplo’s need for hypnosis right in their headline.

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While it may have been funny if Diplo and the rest of the Major Lazer gang kept silent and let people believe what they wanted, Diplo called out the false news on Twitter.

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