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Diplo Talks Shop with A-Trak in Revealing Interview

Travel blog Infinite Legroom debuted a new interview series, creatively called “Infinite Interview” with a January 12 post. For the first interview, A-Trak spoke with “expert globe-trotter” Diplo on topics that quite literally span the globe.
The story starts in Nashville, where Diplo went to high school and discovered an affinity for hip-hop culture. “I was trying to breakdance, but I was never any good,” he told A-Trak. “I hated the Eagles. I hated the Beatles. But I loved all these crazy-ass old psychedelic rock records.”

The two old friends waxed nostalgic about their time in Montreal: “Man, we had some parties… Those were the good old days!” Diplo said.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv76KvFV748]

Talking about discovering his own style, Diplo listed his three biggest influences: Stretch Armstrong, Low Budget, and A-Trak. “Low Budget taught me how to DJ for a Philly crowd… Stretch showed me… how to take that style and take it to a bigger audience… and then you showed me the international style.”
It was an interest in international style that brought Diplo to where he is today: a trip to Brazil inspired him to quit his day job as an elementary school teacher (where he made a mixtape with his students).

Diplo’s latest project is a re-release of his Florida mixtape, titled F10rida. “This record represents my first 23 years of life,” he says. “I’m excited to revisit it.”

Check out the full interview on infinitelegroom.com.

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