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Diplo Gets Slammed By Bingo Players Over ‘Lame’ DJ Culture Comment

In a recent interview, Diplo bit the hand that feeds him by bashing EDM culture. In fact, this took place right around the same time he was named Billboard’s “Dance Artist of the Year.”

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The Major Lazer producer gives the finger to DJ culture.

Though being a DJ seems to have done nothing but good things for the producer, he had some less than kind words about the lifestyle associated with it.

“The DJ world is the corniest f***ing group of people,” Diplo ranted. “We’re not celebrities. We’re not famous for any good reason. We’re just really lame.”

According to the DJ, there are a select few who know how operate in the system. “Besides people like Dillon Francis, who makes fun of the whole thing, or Calvin Harris, it’s a sinking ship. It’s a really lame culture. I’m sad that I’m part of it, but I play the game,” he said.

Apparently other artists weren’t impressed with his ungrateful comments. Bingo Players called Diplo out on his statement on Twitter:

However, Diplo did wind up with a couple people on his side. Kill The Noise and CRAZE both tweeted their agreement.

Essentially, this comes down to a matter of opinion. But there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on: Justin Bieber.

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