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Did Playboy Confirm Daft Punk’s 2017 Tour?

All right, folks. Things are getting serious. Hints about Daft Punk having a 2017 tour have been dropping like crazy. First, there was the weird website. Then there was a mysterious YouTube video. Now, even Playboy has some information about the upcoming tour.

When Beyonce pulled out of Coachella, Playboy posted an article titled, “We Think We Know Who Will Replace Beyonce at Coachella.” Their guess? Daft Punk.

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Will Daft Punk kick off a summer tour in style?

Now we know that Lady Gaga has taken over Beyonce’s gig. But one of the clues Playboy referenced still holds true. “An anonymous source working on Daft Punk’s production has confirmed to Playboy that the Robots are planning a major–and we do mean major–tour this spring. Coachella would be the perfect place to kick it off.”

What do you all think? Was their source legitimate?

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