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Deadmau5’s ‘Tour Stops’ Were a Total Joke That No One Got

In case anybody missed it, a rather big event took place yesterday–the Presidential Election. All day long, people were posting about who they were voting for, encouraging others to vote and overall showing some good ‘ol USA spirit. Which is why it’s shocking that nobody seemed to pick up on deadmau5‘s latest joke.

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Deadmau5 is so annoyed that people can’t take a joke.

After the election results were revealed last night indicating that Donald Trump was the winner, deadmau5 posted a photo of a map with the comment that he had new tour dates.

To discerning viewers, these states look suspiciously like the states that voted for Hillary Clinton in the election. They are even colored that tell-tale blue of the Democratic party. However, news sources all over were reporting that there were no tour locations, falsely getting everybody pumped up for no reason.

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To spell it out, deadmau5 was joking that he’d only tour in the states that leaned liberal. Once people started figuring it out, they got pretty angry.

Naturally, deadmau5 doesn’t give a rip what people have to say. He’s doing his own thing.

Either jokes aren’t deadmau5’s forte or his fans need to lighten up a bit. On the other hand, the election had us all a little cranky, to say the least.

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