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Deadmau5 Settles Legal Dispute Over Unauthorized Remixes

Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, finally settled a dispute with his former label over remixes of his early tracks.

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Deadmau5 celebrates his agreement with Play Records.

In October 2015, deadmau5 went to court to ask Play Records and Melleny Melody, president of the company, to cease using his early music in new remixes or mashups. Though Zimmerman succeeded on this point, the agreement reached by the court also will let Play Records retain the rights to over 100 of deadmau5’s tracks that were created between 2006 and 2008.

Melody stated that Play Records will still continue to license the deamau5 catalogue. “We are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial resolution, given our long-standing business history.”

Play Records was launched in 1996, with Melody and Zimmerman collaborating around 10 years after, just as his career was taking off. When Zimmerman relocated to London, his new management requested that he leave Play Records, but Melody is happy with what they were able to achieve.


“As a label, we launched his career. We’re really proud of that,” she said.

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