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Deadmau5 Reveals New Album in String of Oddly Funny Tweets

Ever the teaser, deadmau5 has a new album coming out soon, and he made the big reveal about the title and date through some low-key comments on Twitter.

In fact, he was so casual about it that it seemed like he might be just making stuff up, but his later tweets continued with the info.

First things first, it’s going to be called W:/2016ALBUM.

Unfortunately, when he first posted the title, he had it in quotation marks, which made people think the quotation marks were part of the album name itself.

When someone weirdly requested deadmau5 to leak his new album to get it out to the public faster, he didn’t seem to get too worried over it. (Does he ever get worried over anything)?

So naturally that leaves us wondering when the actual release date is. Not far off, thankfully, but even deadmau5 doesn’t seem totally sure.

Luckily, he already gave a teeny tiny glimpse of what we can expect by playing a track from the album called “4Ware” on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show. Not only was it a coolly minimal track, but it also had some serious ’80s vibes going on. Maybe it’s because deadmau5 loves Stranger Things?


“There’s an ’80s sci-fi fantasy film vibe to some of the melodies. When you’re drawn to that instrument, you’re drawn to that kind of vibe,” deadmau5 stated. Sounds like Stranger Things to us.

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