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Deadmau5 Plays ‘Snowcone’ LIVE For The FIRST TIME

It’s been a while since we’ve been surprised by deadmau5–quite frankly, we’re used to his crazy antics. But his recent performance this weekend left us in awe of his funky jams rather than his outrageous tweets this time.

Deadmau5 played “Snowcone” live for the first time over the past weekend. It was part of his set at the Free Press Summer Music Festival in Houston, Texas. Though the song launched last month and was his first new official release from the producer in two years, this weekend was the first time he performed it live.

One lucky fan managed to grab an awesome video of the track. Check it out here:


With the sparkling graphics and the downtempo feel, “Snowcone” is totally immersive as a live experience.

Deadmau5 has been keeping himself busy with other ventures, including upgrading his iconic cube stage from his 2010 4×4=12 tour. According to the producer, the new stage is going to be worth every penny.

“I’m only really looking to hopefully spend 2 million ish to get the cube show ‘upgraged,’ he wrote on Twitter. “Should be enough to do some cool s***!”

He posted on Instagram some glimpses of the new stage.

She breathes!

A video posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

The stage could be used for an upcoming album tour. According to the producer’s Twitter, he has sex songs for the newest album already completed, with a goal of nine to twelve tracks. Read more to check out deadmau5’s tweets about the new album:

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