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Deadmau5 Returns To Soundcloud With “432”

Deadmau5 Makes Hellish Return to Soundcloud

In a bizarre move, Deadmau5 has broken a 10-month silence on Soundcloud (he left the service to create the Deadmau5 Live subscription service) to post “432,” a very creepy 58-second piece. “This is what happens when you play a sine wave at 432Hz,” the producer says of the track, which has received a variety of responses and comments, like “WTF,” “Dude you ok?,” and “I summon thee Satan.”

The post came out amidst a series of comedic (though barely-coherent) tweets about sound frequencies, including one in all caps reading “Holy shit! Just blasted a sine wave @ 432 Hz and a portal to Hell opened up… Holy shit they’re everywhere get them off!! Send help can’t bre.” “SHIT THEYRE LAYING EGGS,” he later joked.

For the amount of media coverage the track has gained, it doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot. There’s no indication that it’s part of a larger project or that there are more Halloween-inspired sounds to come.

In the meantime, Deadmau5 has been having a good time across South America, including celebrating his birthday in Colombia and massive shows in Ecuador and Guatemala, among others. The Canadian producer closed out 2014 with two shows in Brazil.

What’s ahead for Deadmau5 in 2015? First up is a competition in which participants are asked to remix Dillon’ Francis remix of Deadmau5’s “Some Chords.” The winning remix, to be announced in February, will receive an official release and a boatload of top-of-the-line recording equipment.



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