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Deadmau5 Legally Dukes It Out over His Cat Meowingtons’ Name

If there’s one thing to know about deadmau5, it’s that he loves his cats. He’s got two of them, but the one that shows up most often on social media is Professor Meowingtons pHd–but simply “Meowingtons” for short.

Though it’s a quirky name, deadmau5 (whose real name is Joel Zimmerman) wasn’t the only one to use it. A fan named Emma Bassiri started a website called meowingtons.com back in 2014. The site sells various cat-themed clothing and accessories. However, deadmau5 didn’t find out about it until 2015, when he attempted to file a trademark for his cat’s name.

deadmau5 Meowingtons EDMInStereo.com

Zimmerman and his buddy Meowingtons.

Apparently, the producer tried to get things resolved, but it was only a matter of time before legal reps had to step in. Zimmerman’s side said Bassiri’s site “created excessive confusion between the real Meowingtons and Bassiri’s unaffiliated products.” Not to mention, the poor reviews of Bassiri’s business was reflecting badly on deadmau5’s cat.

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Bassiri’s side fired back, saying, “Ms. Bassiri takes offense and vigorously denies Zimmerman’s untrue statements and reckless accusations made against her that have unfairly tarnished her reputation and diluted Meowingtons.com’s customer goodwill.”

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