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Deadmau5 Keeps It Together despite Cube 2.1 Malfunction

Even deadmau5 isn’t immune to technical difficulties. His Cube 2.1 is super impressive, but in no way perfect.

This weekend, deadmau5 was performing at a gig in Columbia, Maryland. This didn’t go completely smoothly, however. Mid-show, his sound cut off and the visuals locked into place. The tech folks managed to get it up and running, but it did it again a short time after that.

deadmau5 Cube 2.1 EDMInStereo.com

Deadmau5’s Cube 2.1 is insanely impressive. But even that’s not perfect!

A video a fan captured of the fiasco shows how the musician otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman reacted. In the video, he says, “What the f-ck, I can’t believe that actually happened. This sucks! This is literally every technical musician’s worst f-cking nightmare.”

He then joked, “But I’ve learned to embrace such f-ck ups.” That’s when fans started chanting out his name over and over, showing their support.

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“I wish this was like a CD player and I could just start it over. Did my f-cking board die, dude? My mic works, that’s good. Maybe I can sing,” he quipped before launching into song.

Read more to watch the video of the crash:

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