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Deadmau5 Hides In Plain Sight At Comic-Con; Performs At Club Flux After Party (Video)

Last week, around 130,000 people poured into San Diego annual Comic-Con, an annual gathering of everything nerdy. Thousands of people in costumes, ranging from Yoshi to Wonder Woman, R2D2 to Wolverine, convened to revel in each others so called “nerdiness”.

With so many people in costumes it’s difficult to tell what is real and what isn’t. Just ask these unsuspecting Comic-Con goers who posed for a picture with a person dressed as deadmau5.

Little did they know, it actually was deadmau5 – he blended right in and no one suspected it! Check out his Instagram picture below, saying “People loved my ‘costume.’”

deadmau5_instagram Comic-Con EDM In Stereo

Enjoy The Big Room!
On Friday Club Flux opened its doors to the public for a Comic-Con after party. A small group of tourists waited outside while most of the other venues downtown had booked big name artists such as actors from The Walking Dead. 

The droves of people bustling by the Flux to get to their big parties had no idea what they would be missing out on that night: a rare opportunity to see deadmau5 perform.

Once inside, party goers were treated to a spectacular show of dazzling lights and lasers, movie props, and, of course, a performance by deadmau5 himself! The funny thing is, half of those in attendance didn’t realize it was the real deadmau5 behind the decks, or didn’t know who he was!

Nevertheless, he kept the energy high with some of his classic tracks like “Strobe”, Cthlulu Sleeps”, and “Avaritia”. The crowd had plenty of space to dance, since the Flux was only fill to about two thirds of its capacity!

The progressive house producer ended his set how he usually does, playing a cut of Avicii’sLevels” and before leaving the club told everyone there to “Enjoy the big room!”

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