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Deadmau5 Hates His New Album Due Out in December

It’s not like deadmau5 to do anything besides tell the truth, and that principle holds true even when it comes to his own works. He’s got a brand new album coming out in December, but it doesn’t sound like the producer is too happy with how it turned out.

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Don’t be sad, Joel!

He first announced he’d be working on the album W:/2016ALBUM/ on Twitter a while ago, and it’s already got a release date of December 2, 2016. Of course we’re excited to hear the new stuff, but deadmau5 himself is only really pleased with two of the eleven tracks. According to the masked mouse, W:/2016ALBUM/ was the result of rushed production.

However, there are a couple tracks that survived his scrutiny.

When asked by a fan why he bothered to put out an album that he wasn’t happy with, he responded that it was all about the money. Anybody who’s seen his studio knows that gear doesn’t come cheap.

Deadmau5 is always a harsh critic, so he’s probably just being harshest to himself. We’re guessing his fans are going to love the new tunes regardless, so his goals of paying those “mad bills” will be fulfilled.

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