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Deadmau5 First Dance Artist Featured On ‘Before They Were Famous’

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Deadmau5 is the latest artist to be featured on “Before They Were Famous.”

Who doesn’t love hearing stories about celebrities who were shockingly just like us regular folks before they hit it big? This enjoyment of finding something relatable about our idols has allowed Michael McCrudden’s YouTube series “Before They Were Famous” to gain some internet traction.

His latest episode featured the first ever dance artist to be covered on the show, none other than EDM pro deadmau5.

The 10-minute episode reveals a few secrets about Joel Zimmerman, the man behind the deadmau5 mask. You can check it out here:


According to deadmau5, the story told in the episode is pretty on point.

It should come as no surprise that the producer is pretty casual about his appearance online, given that he’s never been one to filter what he puts out on Twitter.

Read more to find out about deadmau5’s controversial online presence:
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