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Deadmau5 Debuts New Alter Ego Testpilot for ‘Less Mainstreamy Sh-t’

When are multiple personalities a good thing? When you’re a DJ who has multiple styles of music to test out! Deadmau5 has been notoriously cynical, and that even holds true when it comes to his own music. That’s why he’s now got Testpilot–to avoid having more “mainstreamy sh-t.”

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Another deadmau5?

Joel Zimmerman was supposed to try out his new alter ego Testpilot at the Movement Festival. However, technical difficulties made it difficult to proceed as planned. After one particularly long pause, he even jokingly tried out a standup comedy routine. Holding a beer in his hand, he said, “I drink on stage because most dudes would be shitting their f-cking pants right now.”

Since it didn’t work out to reveal the works of Testpilot that way, he instead decided to release the full set on his BBC Radio 1 residency. But that still left fans wondering–why the need for Testpilot? Well, he explained what’s up on Twitter.

Does that mean he thinks the music he releases as deadmau5 is “mainstreamy sh-t?” Who knows. Surely, he doesn’t think he’s as bad as the likes of Diplo and Calvin Harris, whom he’s continuously bashed. Then again, this is deadmau5 we are talking about, so there’s every possibility he hates his own music, too.

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