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David Guetta Makes Fun of His Own Music

Even David Guetta is sick of David Guetta’s music.

In a recent interview, the mainstream producer revealed that he’s getting sick of the same ol’ same ol’. Okay, so he didn’t explicitly bash his own sound. But we couldn’t help but notice he makes the exact music he was dissing.

“I’m going to be honest, in the last two years that same 128 BPM EDM was starting to make me tired,” he said. “Everybody was playing it.”

He’s talking in the past tense, so maybe he’s not sick of it any more? That must be the case considering his most recent collaboration with Justin Bieber, “2U,” is pretty much a commercial-lover’s paradise.


So why did this come up in the first place? In the interview, David Guetta was talking about his connections to Ibiza. He’s obviously had a lot of influence on the Ibiza dance music scene. But evidently he was getting sick of the island revolving around just one type of music. He also mentioned that he’s happy that more underground sounds are making their way to the Spanish isle.

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