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David Guetta Adds Hip-Hop To The Mix

coachella-david-guetta-coachella 2014- EDM In StereoMost folks know David Guetta as the first DJ to blur the lines between EDM and pop (“Sexy Bitch,” “I Gotta Feeling“). But lately, it seems like the French producer has fallen under hip-hop’s spell.

During an interview at this year’s Coachella festival, Billboard asked Guetta about his favorite set of the weekend. His answer? Flosstradamus.

“I thought Jack White was great…” he said, “but I went to see Flosstradamus and let me tell you, I was blown away. People were losing their minds, I mean, wow. And to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from them, but once I was there I couldn’t look away. Nobody, not one act, beat their energy.”

In a way, it makes sense that the Chicago trap duo would pique Guetta’s curiosity. His single “Hey Mama,” which features the inimitable Nicki Minaj, is climbing the Billboard Hot 100 (currently at 44), and the response from fans, he said, has been incredible. So after seeing Flosstradamus’ ruckus hip-hop show at Coachella’s outdoor stage, Guetta revisited his planned set-list and peppered in more rap music.

“I’ve changed my set completely, partly because I’m playing in a U.S. environment,” he said, “and partly because I see why everyone goes crazy for rap music in the middle of a house set. It makes the moment.”

Guetta said his manager wasn’t sure that the historically rock-oriented festival was the right environment to test out a hip-hop set, but Flosstradamus made the decision easy.

“My sets are always a combination, because that’s me,” he said. “But as I introduce more urban elements, trap remixes and so on, the energy level goes through the roof. With American crowds, hip-hop is the weak spot.”


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