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Daft Punk Website Leaves Cryptic Clues About New 2017 Tour

You know what, Daft Punk? It’s just not fair that we have to endure excruciating 10-year intervals between your tours. Sure, it builds anticipation, but it’s kind of making us crazy with anticipation. Especially now that the 10-year mark is coming up.

Daft Punk Tour 2017 EDMInStereo.com

It’s time for Daft Punk to get touring!

Daft Punk’s last tour was in 2007, aptly titled Alive 2007. Before that, they had Alive 1997, which–you guessed it–took place in 1997. Now that 2017 is on the horizon, Daft Punk has put out a mysterious website that is leading everyone to think a tour is imminent.

On the website titled Alive2017.com, there’s not much to see at first glance. It’s simply a black screen with the word “alive” written across it in all caps. However, a closer look reveals there’s something fishy about the “I.” If you zoom in on it, what looks like a string of numbers appears. Even closer observation reveals that it’s a countdown timer.

Daft Punk Tour 2017 EDMInStereo.com

That “I” looks suspicious.

Tech-savvy fans have figured out that the date the countdown corresponds to is October 27, 2016, which is labeled as the “wake date” in the metadata. Furthermore, there are coordinates for some of the world’s biggest cities–Paris, New York, Ibiza, etc.–hidden in the code.

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