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Dada Life Goes ‘Bananas’ In San Bernadino And Breaks World Record

Dada Life goes Banana for world record

Dada Life goes Bananas for world record

Dada Life introduced the “first-ever Bananageddon” this past weekend in San Bernardino, California and now holds the World Record for Most People Dressed as Fruit. This event raised awareness about the Tropical Diease 4, or Panama Diease, which has devastated banaa yields in Africa and Asia and poses a serious threat to the largest export of bananas – Latin America. “We use bananas for everything, seriously,” Olle Corneer of Dada Life said in a statement. “They’re on our rider, our fans come to gigs dressed as them, they’re even in our logo. Imagine if we can’t get hold of them any more, it’s a crazy thought.”

To show their support, over 600 fans showed up with wearing banana suits to set the Guinness World Record for Most People Dressed as Fruit at the Dada Life show in San Bernadino. Up until last weekend, Germany held the title of Most People Dressed as Fruit (recorded in 2014), with 404 people dressed as grapes!

When asked about their plan to have as many people in banana suits at The Voyage as possible, Dada Life told YourEDM, “I’m not going to be too optimistic, but I think it’s going to be pretty easy to break. I think the current record is over 400 people in banana suits and…who knows maybe we have broken the record already? Bananas have been a part of what we have been doing from the start. Since bananas are in our logo, the idea felt natural. At first when people started showing up in banana suits at our shows, we were shocked and we didn’t quite understand what was happening. Then, more and more people showed up and it just became a thing, which is amazing”.

Dada Life is no stranger to breaking World Records! In 2013, they broke the World Record for the Largest Pillow Fight. Over 3,700 people attended the show in the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Bottom of Form

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