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Cute Alert: Fatboy Slim Performs At Toddler Rave Party

Kids these days are getting hooked on EDM at a young age, and Fatboy Slim is helping them feel the beats.

Fatboy Slim EDMInStereo.com

One tiny fan was brave enough to jump on stage.

By a “young age,” we mean really young. Fatboy Slim, whose real name is Norman Cook, performed this weekend at a rave party for babies and toddlers called “Baby Loves Disco.”

Though it’s normal to see shows that are 18+, this one went the opposite direction and catered to those ages 0 through 5.

Fatboy Slim EDMInStereo.com

This tot gives EDM a big thumbs up.

The show took place in Fatboy Slim’s home city of Brighton in the United Kingdom as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. The DJ stuck around for a two-hour set.

Evidently, Cook took agreed to do the show as repayment of a favor for organizer Lesley Woodall. He even brought his own daughter to join in the festivities.

“When I was promoting bands I got Norman into a gig and afterwards he sent me a lovely fax to say thank you,” Woodall said.

“I kept it and a couple of decades later used that same fax to try and persuade him to return the favor, not thinking for a second that he’d actually do it.”

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