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Club Issues LAME Apology for Hiring Marshmello Impersonator

The problem with covering your face during performances is that no one can be sure if it’s the real you. Or so you’d think–in reality, it’s pretty easy to tell when an imposter is attempting to take over the DJ booth, as was the case when a phony Marshmello showed up in Singapore venue Zouk.

Marshmello Fake EDMInStereo.com

Something tells us you don’t want to piss the man in the mask off.

Apparently, an imposter donning Marshmello’s famed mask showed up at the club, but resident DJ Jade Rasif wasn’t going to play along. The DJ posted a rant on Twitter which she has since deleted calling out Zouk Singapore.

Her post read:

A rant about Zouk and Integrity.

Zouk, I know my job/residency is on the line by posting this… But how could you allowed a FAKE DJ MARSHMELLO to perform at your console?

How do I know? After Ultra, Marshmello himself said he wasn’t there

  1. If you knew – completely lack of integrity
  2. If you didn’t know… How could you not have done your due diligence? The guy in the costume was much fairer than Marshmello. His mask was different. Don’t you listen to Marshmello’s live sets? His voice is pretty recognizable!
  3. If it was a mascot, you should have made it clear, and trust me, you guys did not

You cheated your audience, all the people who uploaded pictures with him thinking he was real. All the people who came to support you guys, you lied to. Integrity guys. Integrity.

The scathing message was retweeted by none other than Marshmello himself, who added to the burn.

Read more to see the totally lame way Zouk Singapore responded:
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