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Watch: The Evolution of the Greatest EDM Artists

Nicky Romero EDM Artists Evolution EDMInStereo.com

It’s natural for artists to go through some changes. But sometimes we forget how dramatically their sounds can evolve! A Facebook page titled “Revealed Family” made a couple videos that show just how far some EDM artists have come in the past five years alone. You can watch the videos here: Which artist do you think has changed the most? ...

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Watch: Skrillex Releases Official Music Video for Poo Bear Collaboration

Skrillex Poo Bear Music Video EDMINStereo.com

Skrillex released his collaboration with Justin Bieber’s songwriter, Poo Bear about a month ago now. While the track is absolutely excellent, catchy and fun, it caught a lot of flack for not involving the producer’s bass heavy productions. Die hard fans were expecting a head banging anthem but instead got a deep house track. Once everyone calmed down a bit, most ...

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Watch: ‘What Would Diplo Do?’ Is Officially Here!

What Would Diplo Do? EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: The first episode of What Would Diplo Do? is now live! The James Van Der Beek-fronted parody show is every bit as hilarious as it looked in the previous. Check it out here: We never really thought James Van Der Beek and Diplo looked that much alike. But apparently in the right circumstances, fans can get downright confused. James Van Der Beek ...

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Watch: Afrojack Brings out Rae Sremmurd During EDC 2017 Set

Afrojack Rae Sremmurd EDC EDMInStereo.com

When it comes to Electric Daisy Carnival, there are always some surprises. Naturally, one of the best kinds of surprises happens when we get to hear more musicians than we originally anticipated! That’s why Afrojack bringing out Rae Sremmurd during their set was one of the highlights of EDC 2017 so far. Afrojack was in the midst of his set ...

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DJ Hanzel – AKA Dillon Francis – Gets Hilarious Interview Show ‘One Deeper Talks’

DJ Hanzel Dillon Francis One Deeper Talks EDMInStereo.com

Never one to play it safe, Dillon Francis is pushing the envelope yet again. This time, he’s not making more goofy music videos. Nor is he taking on a new YouTube series. He’s going even bigger. Dillon Francis has a brand new TV show on the books. That’s right–it’s not “just” a YouTube show. He’ll now be hitting the internet ...

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Watch: Peter Griffin Takes on DJ Culture in NEW ‘Family Guy’

Family Guy DJ EDMInStereo.com

You’re about to have a new favorite DJ. Introducing DJ Peter Griffin from Family Guy! The latest episode of the animated comedy takes a jab at electronic dance culture. Luckily, it’s pretty darn funny and has a bit of truth to it. In the episode titled “Peter’s Def Jam,” Peter accidentally plays some screaming noises while playing a couple songs. The ...

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Watch: Major Lazer Releases Video for ‘Believer,’ Inspired by Tragic Photo of Syrian Boy

Major Lazer Believer EDMInStereo.com

The upsetting image of a five-year-old boy coated in ash, caked in blood and utterly haunted-looking took over the internet in a matter of hours. Pulled from Aleppo during a rescue mission, Omran Daqneesh quickly became a symbol of the heartache happening in the Middle East. For Diplo and the rest of Major Lazer, this photo fueled them to create ...

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Watch: Skrillex Aids Adorable Marriage Proposal at Fiji’s Your Paradise Festival

Skrillex Proposal Fiji EDMInStereo.com

Leave it to the lovely world of EDM to help facilitate a marriage proposal. At a recent Skrillex show, it was all about the “L” in PLUR as the producer helped a fan propose to his girlfriend on stage. Skrillex was playing a show at as part of the Your Paradise Festival in Fiji when he paused his set to ...

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Watch: The Chainsmokers Release Dark New ‘All We Know’ Video

Chainsmokers All We Know Music Video EDMInStereo.com

For a pair of guys who seem to have no filter in their interviews, The Chainsmokers got surprisingly deep on their newest music video. “All We Know,” a track from their new Collage EP, features Phoebe Ryan on vocals and takes a dark twist. The lyrics feature lines like “Fighting flames of fire/Hang onto burning wires/We don’t care anymore/Are we fading lovers?” it’s ...

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Watch: Is the 1st EDM TED Talk Insanely Awesome or Just Insane?

EDM Ted Talk EDMInStereo.com

EDM has a notoriously positive vibes. So do TED Talks. Match made in heaven? We think so! For anyone who isn’t familiar with TED Talks, they are basically conferences that are filmed and then put online for the whole world to watch. Though they started out focused on the topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design (hence the name “TED”), they’ve ...

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