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Would YOU Turn Up the Volume for Tomorrowland? Bud Light Experiments Favor Rulebreaking EDM Fans

Tomorrowland EDMInStereo.com

Tomorrowland is creeping up soon, and to help some fans win tickets to the highly sought after event, Bud Light Canada put ravers to the test. Posters calling for test subjects were put up around Toronto asking for EDM fans and telling them they’d get paid for participating in the research. Respondents showed up to a facility, where the either ...

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Diplo’s $2.4M New Pad is INSANE–See the Photos Here

Diplo BandRumors.com

Clearly being named Dance Artist of the Year on Billboard’s Power List of DJs isn’t the only marker of Diplo‘s success. He’s obviously racking in the dough as well. The producer just purchased a new $2.4 million dollar pad in Hollywood Hills, and it seems like a fitting place for someone who needs to get away from it all while ...

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Hippie Sabotage Gets In a Stupid Security Brawl & No One Wants To Work With Them Again

Hippie Sabotage EDMInStereo.com

So much for PLUR. Hippie Sabotage‘s latest stunt just threw everything positive about the EDM culture out the window. The group, which is made up of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, was playing at What The Festival in Oregon when they got way more rowdy than necessary. One of the brothers was messing around with their sound system, and when ...

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Top 10 Electric Daisy Carnival Moments: Music, Rave Babes & Surprises!

Electric Daisy Carnival EDMInStereo.com

We wait for it all year, and then in a bright flash of glitter and music, Electric Daisy Carnival comes to a much-too-fast close. Rather than mourning its passing by burning our metallic booty shorts and weeping over Martin Garrix tracks, we’ve decided to celebrate the light and magic with the top EDC photos of the year. Read more to ...

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Listen: Sasha Grey Retired From Porn To Become EDM DJ–Her Latest Show Was A Hit!

Sasha Grey EDMInStereo.com

Marina Ann Hantzis, otherwise known as porn star Sasha Grey, put on a DJ set at Club Vertigo in Costa Rica in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Though there are plenty of “celebrities” who try their hands at music and fail, Grey’s set was surprisingly well-received. Grey took the booth after 1:00 a.m., but despite being a weekday, the club ...

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Anna Lunoe Just Did The Unthinkable At Electric Daisy Carnival

Anna Lunoe EDC EDMInStereo.com

Who runs the world? Girls! Congratulations to Anna Lunoe, who was the first woman EVER to have a solo set on the main stage at Electric Daisy Carnival. The Australian producer shared a photo on Facebook reflecting on her years of work to get to the point she’s at. “This is a really old pic of me djing at a ...

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North Coast Music Festival Brings Odesza, Bassnectar & More To Chicago

Bassnectar North Coast Music Festival EDMInStereo.com

Labor Day Weekend is the perfect opportunity to do anything BUT labor, right? North Coast Music Festival is the perfect opportunity to rave away those workday blues. The festival, which features dance music and hip-hop artists, will take place from September 2nd to 4th at Union Park in Chicago, Illinois. The festival pulls together promoters with a combined 50 years ...

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Watch: Hardwell Speaks On Tomorrowland Banishment

Hardwell Tomorrowland EDMInStereo.com

One of the biggest festival’s biggest draws has disappeared off the lineup. Hardwell, who has played at Tomorrowland for years, is not on the 2016 list of performers. The famed DJ’s label Revealed Recordings confirmed his lack of attendance on Twitter. @Hardwell_IDs Hardwell is not playing TL this year so no stage, only I AM Hardwell Antwerp May 13 — ...

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Your Paradise Brings Skrillex & Floating Clubs To Fiji

Your Paradise EDMInStereo.com Skrillex

Is it just us, or are EDM festivals getting more and more exotic? Between the Icelandic volcano-and-hotsprings festival Secret Solstice and the EDM Cruise Holy Ship!, we thought it couldn’t get any fancier. That was before we knew about Your Paradise, a six day festival on a middle-of-nowhere island in Fiji. For a meager $1,500, festival goers will have access ...

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Watch: Steve Aoki’s Video ‘Back 2 U’ Hits All The Feel-Good Vibes

Steve Aoki EDMInStereo.com

Great video, fan involvement, charity work…the list of positives on Steve Aoki‘s latest music video goes on and on. Aoki and Boehm just released a new video for the track “Back 2 U” featuring Walk the Moon, and it’s a colorful and uplifting song with a great message to boot. The video for “Back 2 U” features dozens of pictures of ...

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