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Lil Wayne’s Future Has EDM in the Mix

Lil Wayne EDM EDMInStereo.com

It seems like everybody wants a piece of EDM these days. From pop stars to rappers, artists all over are scrambling to collaborate with producers to make the next big dance hit. Lil Wayne is the latest to delve away from his roots. Hip-hop website SOHH just released an interview with Play from rap duo Play-N-Skillz. In that interview, he ...

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Beatport Listens! Users Requested New EDM Subgenres & Beatport Delivered

Beatport Genre EDMInStereo.com

To the casual observer, the amount of EDM genres in existence is never-ending. From progressive to psychedelic trance to deep house to dubstep, the list is always expanding. When you’re looking for a very specific type of sound, categorization is essential, so it’s coming as a huge relief to know that Beatport is expanding on their categories. Beatport, an online music ...

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Playlist: Chase Away the Monday Blues with Fresh EDM

Fresh EDM Playlist Bali Bandits EDMInStereo.com

It’s Monday, which can be the worst day of the week. Back to school, back to work–what a pain! However, we’re trying to take a more optimistic view and think of it as a fresh start and a new beginning, and Spotify’s Fresh EDM playlist is the perfect soundtrack. With songs from people like Tritonal and Bali Bandits, the tracks ...

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The Chainsmokers Ordered to Pay Royalties to the Fray for ‘Closer’–Seriously

The Chainsmokers Halsey Closer The Fray EDMInStereo.com

Is it just us, or are these copyright suits getting a little tedious? Either artists need to stop copying other artists, or the stretched comparisons to former works need to stop. The latest victim of these suits in the EDM world are the Chainsmokers, who supposedly copied a song by the Fray. According to a judge, the melody of the ...

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This Fan-Made Daft Punk Helmet is Blowing Our Minds

Daft Punk Helmet EDMInStereo.com

There are fans, and then there are fans–People who take their love for an artist to an undefinable scale. Prop team LoveProps obviously falls into the second category, because their Daft Punk helmet is an insane work of art. Daft Punk’s helmets are becoming as iconic as their music, and the producers underneath them (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter), are ...

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Will the Chainsmokers Release an Album? It’s Up to the Fans!

The Chainsmokers Album EDMInStereo.com

It’s kind of shocking to realize that the Chainsmokers, despite their insane popularity, haven’t released a single album. Sure, they’ve had a couple EPs, but nothing full-length yet. So is an album in the future? According to their Twitter account, they seem pretty lackluster about creating one, but if the fans want it badly enough, they are willing to comply. ...

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Martin Garrix Debunks #1 DJ Rumors with 1 Blunt Tweet

Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

Talk about confusing. Thanks to a very vague poster for Amsterdam Music Festival, people thought Martin Garrix would be performing at the event. However, Garrix himself debunked that rumor over Twitter. The confusing poster in question listed the lineup along with a statement that read, “special guest appearance by the new #1 DJ in the world.” People looked to DJ Mag’s ...

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Listen: This Rubber Chicken EDM Song is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Rubber Chicken EDM EDMInStereo.com

Okay, this is just too funny not to share. We’re all for pushing the limits and experimenting with new sounds, but a rubber chicken EDM track might be a tad too out there, even for our tastes. South Korean group Dancing Noodle decided to make an EDM song with nothing but the sounds of rubber chickens. Sometimes the group uses ...

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Avicii Rips Hearts Out with Message about Final Show

Avicii EDMInStereo.com

The thought of Avicii leaving the tour circuit indefinitely is already awful, and he went ahead and put a knife in our hearts by sending out an emotion-wrenching message on Instagram. Okay, it’s actually really sweet–but it doesn’t make our mourning process any easier. Last week, Avicii played his final show at Ibiza’s Ushuaïa. It wasn’t a surprise that it was ...

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Electric Forest Spreading Roots into TWO Massive Weekends

Electric Forest Expanding EDMInStereo.com

Praise be to the EDM festival gods! One of our favorite festivals, Electric Forest, will be expanding into an additional four-day weekend in 2017, allowing more people than ever to attend. The official announcement on Electric Forest’s website stated that each weekend of the Michigan festival will have a lower capacity, allowing for a more intimate experience while still allowing ...

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